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FPH is a registered charity and a joint faculty of the three Royal Colleges of Physicians of the United Kingdom (London, Edinburgh and Glasgow).

Although it is an integral part of the three colleges, it has its own officers, manages its own affairs through the FPH Trustee Board and is financially independent.

Registered Charity Number: 263894

Standing orders

FPH standing orders set out the organisation's functions, objects and procedures which regulate the way we operate.

FPH Trustee Board

FPH is a membership-based organisation and is governed by a democratically elected Board, which is the ultimate decision-making body within the organisation.

The FPH Trustee Board is responsible for:

  • Setting FPH's strategic direction, establishing its objects and upholding its core values
  • Ensuring that FPH is secure and well run with enough resources to achieve its mission
  • Ensuring that good policies, sound procedures and robust internal controls are in place to ensure that FPH fulfils its compliance obligations and legal duties
  • Regularly reviewing the risks to which the organisation is subject and taking action to mitigate the risks identified
Annual reports

Our annual report provides a review of our activities, achievements and an overview of our accounts.

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