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Government urged to re-think school sport cuts

Hundreds of school children and teachers from England have protested at the Houses of Parliament about the coalition government'’s proposals to cut funding for school sports.

Olympic heptathlon champion Denise Lewis and world diving champion Tom Daley have written to Prime Minister David Cameron saying the policy is "ill-conceived".

Making at least two hours of sport compulsory in schools is the top public health policy that the public would like to see implemented, according to a study conducted by the Faculty of Public Health earlier this year.

Professor Alan Maryon-Davis, one of the co-authors of the Healthy Nudges study, said: "School sport is one of the best ways to get all children moving more, regardless of their ability and background.

"Child obesity levels are still increasing in poorer areas and schools need all the support they can get in promoting physical activity.  Withdrawal of the SSP funding would be a huge own goal for the Government, and I urge them to re-think."
Eighty-one per cent of the respondents to the Healthy Nudges study backed the measure of making two hours of school sport compulsory.

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Written: 07/12/2010 , last modified: 13/07/2011