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Guidance documents for Special Interest Groups

To support Special Interest Groups (SIGs) in their development and ongoing activities, a number of guidance documents and proformas have been/are being developed including:

  • General terms of reference
  • Annual work plan template
  • Media protocol (including social media) for handling media requests, undertaking any media activity
  • Data protection guidance
  • Communications guide (including use of Faculty of Public Health branding).

Additional SIG services

SIGs have access to free use of FPH’s meeting rooms when available. For SIGs larger than 20 people, FPH would not be able to host SIG meetings at its offices. 

SIGs will also have use of FPH’s online network group system to support them in communicating with SIG members, sharing knowledge and information.

Each SIG will have a dedicated FPH webpage. SIGs are responsible for advising on content change. SIG information and content change is subject to FPH approval.

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