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Guidance for Assessors

The Public Health Curriculum, approved by the General Medical Council (GMC) and the UK Public Health Register (UKPHR), can be found here. The 2007 Curriculum was effective from 1 August 2007 and the 2010 Curriculum effective from 1 August 2010.  

A Change Log has also been developed to highlight all changes made to the curriculum since 2007 and can be found here. 
  • The Guidance for Workplace Assessors [383 KB pdf] (November 2007)
    This document has been developed to help trainers judge whether a Specialty Registrar has achieved the necessary standard to achieve the learning outcomes set out in the 2007 Curriculum.
  • The Assessment Blueprint [248 KB pdf] (November 2007)
    This blueprint links learning outcomes with:
    • methods of assessment,
    • the target phase of training in which the learning outcome should be achieved,
    • and maps the assessment to Good Public Health Practice.

The Assessment Blueprint document relates to the 2007 and 2010 Public Health Curriculum.

  • The Part A Matrix [180 KB excel] (February 2010) Illustrates the Part A MFPH syllabus knowledge requirements mapped to the Key Areas of the 2007 and 2010 curriculum.
  • Standards and guidance for commencement of supervised on-call duties [59KB pdf] (February 2008)
    This document describes the standards required of all Specialty Registrars in public health to be achieved before starting supervised on call duties.  It also gives guidance to trainers on possible methods of delivery for development of competence for on-call and for assessment of competence.
  • Workshop – Assessment and the New Curriculum [1.59MB pdf] (March 2008)
    This document outlines the PMETB-approved curriculum (PMETB was merged with the GMC in April 2010) and associated documents, introduced in August 2007 and how some of the new Learning Outcomes (LOs) will be assessed. The workshop provided a forum for supervisors to refine and standardise assessment procedures and protocols using examples of specific LOs within the new curriculum. 5 Workshops were conducted throughout the UK during 2008 and had representation from supervisors across the England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
  • Health Protection Training for generalists in public health, including Educational Requirements for on-call [135KB pdf] (April 2009)
    This document details the educational requirements for on-call. This sets out the general principles, the importance of on-call training and provides indications of the minimum standards aligned for each requirement. This document is to be read alongside the Public Health Curriculum.

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