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Hardworking families living in food poverty

The All Party Inquiry into Hunger and Food Poverty in Britain has published Feeding Britain, its final report today (8 December). Commenting on its findings, Dr John Middleton, Vice President for Policy at FPH, said:

“This important report gives a clear and detailed assessment of the problem our society faces in dealing with the causes of food poverty and its impact on the lives of thousands of people across the UK. As our open letter to the Prime Minister made clear in May, many hardworking families are living in poverty and do not have enough income for a decent diet.

"The reasons for this are complex, and each require a different approach. Inaction is not an option, or we will face the multimillion pound costs of dealing with obesity, which is a modern-day form of malnutrition and disease of food poverty.
“Start Well, Live Better, FPH’ s Manifesto for the 2015 General Election calls for a living wage for everyone in paid employment and training a ‘living wage’, which is a way out of the circumstances that lead to food poverty. It’s a measure which already has the support of the main political parties, the Prime Minister and the Mayor of London.

"FPH also repeats its call for the Prime Minister to set up an independent working group to monitor nutrition and hunger in the UK. Food poverty has never been acceptable in a modern UK. FPH is willing and ready to offer our professional expertise to support this group, as well as national efforts to alleviate food poverty and improve the nation's health.

Written: 09/12/2014 , last modified: 17/09/2015