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Healthy Lives Fairer Futures

A call to action from the Faculty of Public Health in Scotland

Today, people in Scotland still experience many health inequalities, but we now have evidence that such inequalities are not inevitable. Although very challenging, the evidence shows ways in which we can work together in Scotland to ensure that all our people can enjoy equal access to opportunities for a healthy and happy life.

Healthy Lives, Fairer Futures sets out some of the actions we believe should be taken to address health inequalities for best effect in Scotland. The priorities within the document are very challenging, mostly requiring concerted action across society as a whole, as well as government action.

As the Faculty of Public Health in Scotland, we want to support action in all the areas we have identified in Healthy Lives, Fairer Futures and to play our part, together with our local communities and our government, in the creation of a healthier and fairer Scotland for everyone.

Healthy Lives, Fairer Futures: our priorities:

Health in all policies
1. Include health in all policies for Scotland.

Reduce health inequalities
2. Make taxation more progressive, including income tax, to reduce inequalities.
3. Mitigate the adverse impacts of welfare reform on our most vulnerable.    
4. Introduce a minimum wage for healthy living.

Improve health for future generations
5. Reduce child poverty and mitigate its adverse impacts.   
6. Prevent Adverse Childhood Experiences.
Healthy Lives, Fairer Futures cover
Create healthy places
7. Use the Community Empowerment Act to improve population mental health.  
8. Increase investment in integrated public transport and active travel and prioritise walking and cycling in the built environment.

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How we developed the priorities in Healthy Lives, Fairer Futures

We are delighted to be working in partnership with many other organisations including the People’s Health Movement and Oxfam Scotland. You can see a copy of the People’s Health Movement's manifesto here and Oxfam's report on poverty and inequality in Scotland, Building a More Equal Scotland: Designing Scotland’s Poverty and Inequality Commission here.

Written: 01/09/2017 , last modified: 20/09/2017

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