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High court ruling on PreP 'landmark moment'

Commenting on today's landmarking ruling that NHS England can fund a drug to prevent HIV, Professor John Middleton, President of FPH, said:

“We congratulate the National AIDS Trust, Local Government Association and all those who successfully challenged NHS England’s decision that it did not have the legal power to commission the HIV treatment Pre Exposure Prophylaxis (or PreP).

"This is a landmark moment for people with HIV, because the ruling makes clear that responsibility for funding anti-retroviral drugs that prevent HIV lies with NHS England. PreP is a highly effective way of preventing people developing HIV: for every one pound spent, it saves 30 pounds in further treatment costs.
“As I and others put it in a recent BMJ editorial, ‘it is unacceptable to allow the shifting of financial responsibility to stymie this programme and that it is time for the NHS to ‘do the right thing’.  This ruling makes clear that the NHS needs to apply its resources to achieve the best outcomes it can with the resources it has for both the prevention and treatment of health conditions. We need local government and NHS England to work together to ensure they each play their vital role preventing the spread of HIV.”

Written: 02/08/2016 , last modified: 05/09/2016