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Historic vote on smoking in cars protects children's health

MPs have voted in favour of banning smoking in cars when children are present. Commenting on this historic result, Dr John Middleton, FPH's Vice President for Policy, said:

“We owe our thanks to all those MPs who chose to do the right thing and voted to protect children’s health. Passive smoking results in around 400 sudden infant deaths a year. Adults can choose how they travel, but children can’t. A single cigarette in a car, even if a window is half-open, creates two-thirds of the second hand smoke a child would have inhaled in a smoky pub.

"We very much hope that public support will help this law to be enforced, just as the smoking ban in public places has been. We need more of this evidence based approach to policy so that we protect and save lives.”

Written: 11/02/2014 , last modified: 03/06/2014