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House of Lords vote on smoking is 'excellent news for health'

FPH welcomes last night’s vote in the House of Lords, which passed enabling legislation on standardised packs, and supported an amendment to prohibit smoking in cars with children.

Dr John Middleton, Vice President for Policy, Faculty of Public Health, said: “This is excellent news for everyone’s health, particularly children, and is a major victory for public health campaigners who have fought long and hard to get this far.

“If this legislation is passed, as FPH very much hopes it will be, it means that a generation of young people are much less likely to start smoking or be harmed by second hand smoke in cars. Children are particularly vulnerable to second-hand smoke, as they have smaller lungs, faster breathing and less developed immune systems, which make them more susceptible to respiratory and ear infections triggered by passive smoking.

“We now need every MP to understand just how important this issue is, and for everyone who cares about the health of our children to get behind the campaign so the law is changed.”

Written: 30/01/2014 , last modified: 03/06/2014