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How FPH's members and associates can get involved

Members' time, expertise and support is vital to the Faculty of Public Health's (FPH's) work. If you are an FPH member or associate and would like to get involved, there are many ways to do so:


  • Get involved in media, advocacy and policy activity. If you have an interest and expertise in one or more policy areas, let us know. We rely on our expert members to take soundings on a range of public health policy issues. If you could help us with behind-the-scenes policy activity or could be available at short notice for media work, please email to find out more
  • Join an FPH Network Group. These are discussion groups designed to facilitate the exchange of ideas, knowledge and best practice in the field of public health. As well as encouraging discussion and collaboration, the network groups system allows for the development of a communal resource of reference documents and useful links
  • Join a committee or special interest group. There are numerous committees and special interest groups (SIGs) that help shape FPH's governance, decision-making and policy priorities. Email to find out more
  • Help maintain high standards in our exams and curriculum. If you would like to be involved in one of FPH's education committees or are interested in becoming an examiner, email to find out more
  • Support FPH's role in career development and standard-setting. If you would like to be involved in FPH standards and workforce committees or are interested in becoming an FPH external assessor on senior appointment panels, email to find out more
  • Submit an idea for a blog. FPH’s award-winning blog, Better Health for All, needs new ideas and content to keep it fresh. If you have a suggestion for a blog topic, or would like to join our informal Blog Club to discuss your ideas, please email
  • Submit an article suggestion for Public Health Today. All ideas for Public Health Today, FPH's members' magazine, are carefully considered by the magazine's Editorial Board and may be included if they fit with the theme of the issue. Email to submit your article suggestion
  • Get involved with your local Faculty Local Affairs Committee (FLAC) or your appropriate country committee. Find contact details of all the Local Board Members here
  • Look out for our monthly ebulletin and Policy in Action e-update for vacancies of elected posts and other opportunities to get involved with FPH work.

Join FPH:

If you are registered as a specialist in public health or training to register, you can join FPH as a member by emailing us on or by calling 020 3696 1483.

Otherwise you can join FPH as an associate to gain access to our network of public health professionals and useful resources to help your career. We also welcome all students who are currently in any form of higher education.