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How to start a new Special Interest Group

As a learning organisation, FPH is keen to support the development of Special Interest Groups. While we are not prescriptive about the topic area or work programme of any particular SIG, it is important that SIGs support the delivery of FPH’s strategy. To that end, the Policy Committee will assess all applications against our strategic priorities when determining the establishment of any SIG.

To set up your SIG:

1. Complete this SIG Request Pro-Forma and return it to the FPH Policy Team at

To help you complete this, it is a good idea to read the SIG Terms of Reference so you understand you governance arrangements and requirements

2. The Policy Team will then assess your application and pass it on to the Policy Committee for approval.

3. Once/ if the Policy Committee has approved the SIG, the Policy Team will be in touch with you to discuss membership recruitments, governance, and the type of administrative support that the Policy Team here at FPH can provide for your SIG moving forward.


Last updated 31 January 2018

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