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How we developed the priorities in 'Healthy Lives, Fairer Futures'

The Faculty of Public Health (FPH) has some 350 members living and working in Scotland, many of whom have supported the production of this call to action. The priorities were developed through an iterative process.

  • A decision was made to amend FPH’s manifesto, Start Well, Live Better for use in Scotland. Experts across the relevant topic areas were then identified to support the development of the document.
  • During the early stages of development, it was agreed that it would be beneficial to widen the areas addressed to cover all of the domains of public health practice. Evidence-based priorities were then drawn up in conjunction with the relevant topic experts and a draft document was prepared for consultation. The draft included 24 main policy priorities with approximately 60 recommendations for action.
  • The draft was circulated to each of the Committee of the Faculty of Public Health in Scotland (CFPHS) representatives to circulate to FPH members locally and to gather feedback using the pre-prepared consultation reporting template. Consultees were asked to provide general feedback on the document, in addition to identifying any additional priority areas or areas which they felt should be removed.
  • The consultation feedback was then analysed and used to support the advocacy sub-group to refine the priorities as part of a long-listing process. 
  • An online survey was then conducted to prioritise the top 20 candidate priorities.
  • Finally, the advocacy sub-group amalgamated similar priority areas before scoring them against six criteria to determine inclusion in the final manifesto. The criteria the priorities were scored against were effectiveness, ability to reduce inequalities, number of individuals affected, cost of implementation, advocacy gap and net positive impact.
  • The highest scoring priorities were then included in the final manifesto.