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Improve your public health career outlook - check the PHORCaST

Today sees the launch of PHORCaST - a unique, free UK-wide web resource bringing together information on education, career, and development opportunities in public health.

PHORCaST has been developed with funding from the Department of Health, England, and the devolved administrations of Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, and is supported by a number of national public health organisations, including the Faculty of Public Health. PHORCaST will be a key resource in helping individuals, organisations, workforce planners and educators plan and deliver the public health and wellbeing workforce of the future.

Professor Alan Maryon-Davis, President of the Faculty of Public Health, comments: “PHORCaST fills a major gap in the public health careers landscape and offers tailored guidance to suit a wide range of backgrounds and interests at all levels of engagement in public health. Flexible, informative and practical – a hitchhiker's guide to the public health galaxy - I urge you to check it out.”

Isabel Perez, East Midlands Teaching Public Health Network Lead, says: “The launch of PHORCaST is an exciting development for anyone aspiring to a rewarding career in public health. The high quality career information and guidance, along with the unique personal insights from professionals already working in public health, is sure to establish the site as the leading online resource for recruiting, retaining and developing the careers of individuals working in public health.”

Split into easy-to-follow sections the PHORCaST website provides:

  • Useful background on working in public health, including overviews on the workforce, key policies and UK health systems
  • Step-by-step guidance on starting a career in public health and information on different career options and roles
  • Over 80 real life’career success stories of people working in a wide variety of public health roles across the UK
  • Help on developing your career through competence frameworks, continuing professional development and CV development advice
  • Access to training and resources and development opportunities within public health

PHORCaST will be of interest to anyone considering a public health career including: school leavers, those wishing to find out more about their contribution to health in their current job, existing public health workers wishing to change direction, and recent trainees in public health looking for their first consultant posts.

For press enquiries and interview requests about PHORCaST, please contact
East Midlands Healthcare Workforce Deanery Communications Team:
; tel: (0116) 295 2240

Solutions for Public Health:
[available after 29 March], Marketing and Communications
Tel: (01865) 334761; Mob: 07733177251


Notes to editors

  1. PHORCaST is a UK-wide initiative, funded by the Department of Health, England and the devolved administrations of Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.
  2. PHORCaST will help recruit, retain and develop the careers of people working in public health (including health and wellbeing) from volunteers up to senior management.
  3. National stakeholder organisations – A number of national public health organisations have actively supported the development of PHORCaST, including: the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH), Faculty of Public Health (FPH), and Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH).
  4. Delivery organisations – PHORCaST has been developed by Solutions for Public Health (formerly PHRU), East Midlands Healthcare Workforce Deanery, East Midlands Teaching Public Health Network (TPHN), West Midlands TPHN and Skills for Health.
  5. Career stories – A number of career stories from individuals working within public health are available for use. These can be found at , alternatively for more information contact the PHORCaST project’s press office.


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Written: 24/03/2010 , last modified: 13/05/2010

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