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International Committee

International Committee

The International Committee aims:

  • To assist educational and professional exchange and dialogue between individual public health professionals, agencies and organisations in the United Kingdom and overseas.
  • To promote the standing, practice, research and the study of public health globally.
  • To support, engage and represent overseas members of the FPH.
Committee Members
  • Neil Squires - Chair
  • Sushma Acquilla - International Faculty Adviser and Chair, India & Related Countries Special Interest Group
  • Muna Abdel-Aziz - International CPD Co-ordinator
  • Ashley Young - Chair, Global Health Specialty Registrars Group
  • Mala Rao - Appointed member
  • Salman Rawaf - Appointed member
  • Toks Sangowawa - Appointed member
  • Premila Webster - Academic Registrar, representating Education Committee
  • Zafar Iqbal – Assistant Registrar, representing Professional Affairs Committee
  • Annette Luker - Public Health England
  • Angus Nicoll - Overseas Regional Adviser – Europe
  • Lola Dare - Overseas Regional Adviser – Africa
  • Vacant - Overseas Regional Adviser – Americas
  • Hamda Abdulla Qotba - Overseas Regional Adviser – Eastern Mediterranean Region
  • Leena Inamdar - Overseas Regional Adviser – South & South East Asia
  • Vacant - Overseas Regional Adviser – Western Pacific (Australasia)
  • Aliko Ahmed and Victor Joseph - Co-chairs, Public Health Africa
  • Mamoona Tahir - Pakistan Special Interest Group
  • Abdul Razzaq - Syria Special Interest Group
  • Mary Lyons - Pacific Special Interest Group
  • Chris Birt - Europe Special Interest Group
  • Hannah Patrick
  • Helen Elsey
  • Andy Beckingham
  • Joanna Nurse
  • Nicole Klynman
  • Sian Griffiths

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Global Health Specialty Registrars Group

The Global Health Specialty Registrars Group is an informal network of people who are training in public health. It has no formal meetings and functions via a yahoo egroup, sharing knowledge and information. However, it does have terms of reference and a formally elected chair who is a member of the FPH International Committee. Within this committee, it has had a largely supportive role, through offering help in carrying out the committee’s work plan, and by providing feedback on training issues in particular.


  • To support the work of the FPH International Committee
  • To advocate for trainee issues relating to global public health


  • To supply two full members of the FPH International Executive Committee and to attend their meetings (normally held in London four times a year)
  • To support, and to co-ordinate pieces of work, on behalf of the FPH International committee.
  • To advocate and support action on addressing global public health needs
  • To advocate for trainee issues relating to global public health
  • To raise issues of concern from the trainee group
  • To promote the Trainee Working Group
  • To moderate Trainee egroup as a forum for information exchange
  • To disseminate information of interest to the trainee e-group as and when available

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