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Job descriptions

FPH has developed specimen job descriptions and guidance for local authorities and the NHS on the appointment of directors of public health and consultants in public health, intended to assist employers in establishing functions and responsibilities. These can be downloaded here:

It should be noted that these are working drafts and will be updated in line with the publication of official guidance and operating frameworks.

DPH posts in the NHS and constituent countries

FPH has adapted the director of public health job description so it is applicable to posts in the NHS and constituent countries.

Updated CCDC and CPH job descriptions / person specifications

The job descriptions below are being revised in light of the changing public health system in England. These job descriptions will continue to be applicable to the other constituent countries.

Employers must review posts and decide if they need a medically qualified CCDC or if the post can be open to those from any background with suitable qualifications. It should be noted that a number of consultant posts in health protection open to those from a wide range of backgrounds have been established to date. **

** Following consultation with a wide range of key players including the Health Protection Agency, the Public Health Environment Group, the Royal College of Pathologists, the BMA, AMICUS , ID physicians and other relevant colleges, specimen job descriptions and person specifications for a Consultant in Communicable Disease Control and a Consultant in Health Protection have been updated.

The changes have been made largely in the light of the new curriculum (pending approval by the GMC), Agenda for Change and so forth. The Faculty Board has now approved the two updated job descriptions (listed above).

During the consultation, a number of respondents indicated that they were unsure why two separate job descriptions for these two roles, one restricted to medically qualified practitioners and the other open to those from any background with suitable qualifications, were still needed.

The separate job descriptions have been retained because at present there is a continuing need for a subset of health protection posts that will cover the following:

  • a requirement to “undertake prophylaxis, diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases of public importance ” and this is an essential requirement within the CCDC job description;
  • the current requirement for a Designated Medical Officer (DMO) to be medically qualified in Scotland ;
  • duties under HSG (93) 56 in England and WHC (93) 61 in Wales that require a medically qualified individual.

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