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Job Evaluation

The Public Health Medical Consultative Committee (PHMCC) has produced guidance on employing public health specialists in local government aimed at aiding job evaluation.

The PHMCC Committee is the official professional advisory machinery for the health service for public health professional issues.

The professional side includes representatives of the Faculty of Public Health, the BMA and Unite.  The government side includes representatives of the Department of Health, Local Government Association, and Public Health England.  This advice has been prepared by the professional side.  It will in due course be discussed with the government side but it is being issued now in the light of local authorities’ and public health specialists’ need for guidance.

This paper applies UK wide. The principles of what the Consultant in Public Health role covers and how and these posts should be valued are relevant generally across the UK. However, variations in employment arrangements and nation-specific considerations may apply at present amongst the four devolved nations.

Download the guidance here

Written: 18/02/2015 , last modified: 17/09/2015

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