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Just over half of NHS trusts have mental wellbeing policy

Just over half of NHS Trusts have a mental wellbeing policy in place for staff, latest public health guidance audit results show.

Only 57% of NHS trusts have a mental wellbeing policy in place to support staff, according to new audit results from the Health and Work Development Unit (HWDU) at the Royal College of Physicians (RCP).

Commenting on the findings of this audit, Professor Sarah Stewart-Brown, Co-Chair of the Faculty of Public Health’s Mental Health Committee, said:

“Mental wellbeing protects against various physical and mental health problems, and so it is in all employers’ interests to have effective policies that support their staff’s health and wellbeing. For the NHS this is especially important because without mental wellbeing it is difficult to have the compassionate and caring professionals the NHS needs.

“However, we know that this is not the case for everyone working in the NHS and beyond. The recent changes to the way public health work is carried out in England have lead to a great deal of uncertainty and fear among public health specialists about their ability to improve and protect health.

“We need to do more to promote mental wellbeing and prevent mental illness through the many evidence-based measures that are currently being highlighted by FPH.”

Written: 29/01/2014 , last modified: 08/07/2014