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Leaving the programme

It is essential that deanery training administrators notify the Faculty of Public Health (FPH) when a registrar leaves the training programme. The exit form accompanied by a brief explanation of the reason (eg. completed training, left public health, etc) should be completed and sent to the FPH.

Registrars are also asked to complete the Training Programme Feedback Form below and return it to their Training Programme Director. Completion of this questionnaire enables effective evaluation and improvement of the quality of the training programme. Further information about the purpose and use of the forms can be found in the Guidance on Use.

EXIT Form (word)

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements

Registrars need not be registered with FPH for CPD during training. However once a Specialty Registrar member of FPH has successfully completed specialty training in public health and has been recommended by FPH for the award of certificate of completion of training, their CPD record will automatically be activated. The CPD start date will be 1 April of the same calendar year if they are practising or intending to practise for more than nine months (ie. they leave their training post before the end of June in any given year) in that CPD year. For those practising or intending to practise for fewer than nine months in that CPD year, the start date will be 1 April of the following calendar year. In each case, they must submit a full CPD return for the CPD year following their start date.


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