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Major programme launched to help councils prevent mental illness

Public Health England (PHE) has published a major set of resources to help local authorities and their partners take action to promote better mental health and prevent mental ill health in their communities.

The Faculty of Public Health (FPH) is delighted to have contributed to the development of the Prevention Concordat for Better Mental Health along with partners in the community and voluntary sector, the Association of Directors of Public Health, the Local Government Association, the Department of Health and PHE.

The aim of the concordat is to adopt a prevention-focused approach for positive mental health through the development of alliances across and between local authorities, the NHS, private, public and voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations, education settings and employers.

An approach to prevention informed by public mental health is long overdue, and we look forward to playing our part in working for Better Mental Health for All.

FPH recognises that words must translate into action and commits to addressing the mental health impacts in all policies and policy statements; as a standard-setter and educator, we will include positive mental health in our education and training programmes, and as an employer we will work to become a Mindful Employer.

The concordat is available to view here.

FPH President John Middleton said: "It is well established that there is indeed no health without mental health.

"The public’s health, we know, is rooted in the social conditions in which we live. It is no accident therefore that the Prevention Concordat for Better Mental Health begins with a statement about equity and goes on to describe the commitment required by all of us to achieve this.

"We know a great deal about what needs to be done. We know that we need to invest in children, young people and families, ensure fair access to education and good employment, provide access to safe and secure housing for all, build inclusive, compassionate communities, and have in place information and early help when it is needed. This is a challenge to us all.

"The Faculty of Public Health is pleased to accept this challenge, and we affirm our commitment to continue to work with others, tirelessly and without compromise, in the pursuit of the individual, social and economic conditions which will promote positive mental health and reduce the risk of mental health problems."

Better Mental Health for All

Written: 06/09/2017 , last modified: 20/09/2017