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Mandate to the NHS Commissioning Board is published

Professor Lindsey Davies, President of the Faculty of Public Health, commented on the publication of the Mandate to the NHS Commissioning Board:

"There is much to welcome in this mandate, because so much of its vision to provide excellent healthcare for everyone is very much in line with the work that FPH's members do to protect and improve everyone's health. We welcome the emphasis on the wider role of the NHS in society and argued strongly for this to be included in the mandate.

 "The Mandate gives the NHS Commissioning Board (NHSCB) a huge responsibility for everyone's health: from children to older people, from offenders to asylum seekers. This is the kind of work our members do every day, and it can only be done well with public health expertise. We remain concerned that the NHSCB does not have public health experts among its membership.

 "When it comes to providing high quality healthcare, we know that what gets measured, gets delivered. That is why we need clarity on which people, organisations and systems will be accountable for making the mandate a reality. Otherwise it risks becoming a wishlist, rather than a 'must do' charter, because not all of its aims are specific or measurable.

"The measuring and critical appraisal of running and improving health services is often led by public health professionals.   Many of our members are currently moving from the NHS to local authorities, and are currently unsure of how they will be able to use their skills to help deliver this vision. We look forward to seeing more detail about how public health expertise will be used to help achieve the mandate's objectives."


Written: 14/11/2012 , last modified: 08/01/2013