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Membership (MFPH)

Who is eligible?

There are three routes to Membership of the Faculty of Public Health (MFPH): 

Membership by examination

Membership by examination is the most common route to full MFPH. All candidates who have completed both the Part A and Part B MFPH examination are automatically elected by the FPH Board to Membership. Individuals do not need to be enrolled in higher specialty training or have a medical qualification to be eligible for this category.

Membership by exemption

Membership by exemption will be available for Defined Specialists who submit a portfolio and are subsequently accepted onto the UK Public Health Register (UKPHR) after 1 July 2013.

Defined Specialists who register with the UKPHR (or submit a portfolio that is subsequently accepted) prior to 1 July 2013 are eligible for Fellowship by exemption.

What are the benefits?

Membership of FPH brings with it all the benefits of membership, as detailed in the Membership Grades and Benefits fact sheet, as well as the entitlement to use the designation MFPH from the date of admission.

What is the application process?

Please note that being elected by the FPH Board does not mean you are automatically admitted to the Membership category.  When an election pack is sent, this must be completed and returned to FPH to complete the admission process to Membership.  This will then be followed by the member receiving a confirmation of admission with their Membership certificate.

Individuals eligible for Membership be examination will be automatically elected by the FPH Board to Membership and will be contacted by the Professional Standards department.

Applicants for Membership by Exemption should download and return the application form.

Are there fees involved in being admitted?

All FPH members are required to pay an annual membership subscription fee, but on admission to Membership some individuals will be required to pay a one-off registration and pro rata subscription fee.  This will only apply to those who are not members of FPH, but have successfully passed the Part A and Part B MFPH examinations (or are a defined specialist on the UKPHR) and are automatically eligible for Membership.

Those individuals who are already FPH members are not required to pay any fees on their admission to Membership, but will be required to pay the annual Membership subscription fee in January each year.

Those trainees who are on the four-year subscription package are not required to pay anything on their admission to Membership and will pay the same fee for the four-year package until that expires.

Those who have successfully passed the Part A and Part B MFPH examinations but have not yet received their election pack for admission to Membership should contact

More information about the Part B MFPH examination

For further information about the Part B MFPH examination content and structure including information on applying and preparation, please see the Part B exam OSPHE page for further information or contact


Membership through distinction

Each year there is a round of proposals in which current Fellows of the Faculty are invited to nominate non-members for Membership through distinction. Individuals must be proposed by at least two Fellows and be judged by the Board to merit Membership through distinction. This is based on the nominee's contribution to the science, literature or practice of public health.

Candidates for Membership through distinction will not be FPH members or previously have been FPH members in any category, nor be on a specialist register in public health.  The candidate's admission to Membership should be seen to have at least as many advantages for FPH as for the candidate. 

The small number of candidates for whom these procedures would be appropriate includes:

  • those who are, or have been, working overseas for a prolonged period, at MFPH level or equivalent
  • those who are active in public health and are working at MFPH level or equivalent and whose post has no requirement for a qualification in public health medicine or public health
  • those whom FPH wishes to embrace for contributions to public health.

From the date of admission, Members through distinction are entitled to use the designation MFPH.

The proposal process

There is a timetable for proposals each year. Please see the Distinction grades of membership page for more information or contact membership on 020 3696 1483 or

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