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Mental Health

Latest Mental Health News

Great Outdoors: How Our Natural Health Service Uses Green Space To Improve Wellbeing

01 July 2010

Safe, green spaces may be as effective as prescription drugs for treating mild to moderate forms of depression and anxiety according to a new report published by the Faculty of Public Health... Read the full press release

Workplace Stress Costing Employers Billions

24 November 2007

Britain 's bosses are unaware of the scale of mental ill health in their workplaces or the enormous financial toll they can take, according to a new Position Statement issued by the Faculty of Public Health... Read the full press release

FPH publications

The Faculty of Public Health recognises that mental health is a major public health issue.

Network Groups & Faculty Committees

The Mental Health Network Group

This provides a discussion forum for those working in the area of public mental health. It also allows members to create their own library of resource files and useful web links. Register with the Network Groups now.

The Mental Health Working Group

This well-established working group acts as a source of expert advice to the FPH on all areas relating to mental health. Iit advocates on mental health issues, produces resources to support local practice and contributes to the FPH annual conference.

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