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Minimum unit pricing for alcohol and health warnings needed to protect children

The Faculty of Public Health is a member of the Alcohol Health Alliance, and supports its Health First strategy, launched today, which calls for a minimum unit price for alcohol. An editorial in today's BMJ calls for tighter controls of advertising of alcohol to children, and the government has also launched a new campaign to warn drivers of the personal cost of driving after  alcohol.

Commenting on these initiatives, FPH spokesperson Professor Mark Bellis, said:

"All the reports and campaigns out today remind us how through advertising, marketing and other means, alcohol has become a huge part of daily life for children, young people and adults in the UK.  We want people to get a balanced picture about alcohol so they know the harm it can cause and then make an informed choice about how much they drink. Excess drinking can give us a hangover or liver disease, but it also causes cancer and heart disease too.

"That's why we want to see health warnings on alcohol so that adults know the risks they are taking and children grow up understanding the importance of drinking within safer limits. FPH also supports the introduction of a minimum unit price for alcohol. It would be excellent news for everyone - except those who profit from the excessive drinking which causes so many of the health and social problems this country faces.”

Written: 01/03/2013 , last modified: 03/05/2013