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Multidisciplinary Teams in Local Government

In the documents section to the right of this page we have uploaded the long awaited guidance on multidisciplinary public health teams. This guidance was developed jointly by the Faculty, PHE, LGA and ADPH.

The guidance concerns the appropriate employment of public health professionals who carry out roles as consultants in public health and directors of public health, and especially the need to maintain a mix of both medically and non-medically qualified staff. 

The intention of the guidance is to set out:

• an outline of the challenges that councils have identified so far in developing public health teams, especially around terms and conditions for appropriate recruitment and how to ensure a balanced portfolio of skills in teams  

• a brief description of the development of public health teams prior to the transfer to local authorities to provide a context for future development 

• a discussion of the mix of skills and disciplines that councils may need to ensure they have access to in taking forward innovative approaches to public health 

• advice on approaches to terms and conditions of employment, including a discussion of any equal pay risks 

• recommendations for future action at a national level around continuity of service 

Please do disseminate the document widely. 


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