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NHS reforms: evidence submissions

We submitted evidence to the Health Committee Inquiry into Public Health:
•    HC Inquiry into Public Health - FPH Evidence
•    Health Service Committee paper on HC Inquiry into Public Health

Drawing on feedback from national and local discussions, from members’ emails and from our surveys, we set out principles which should underpin our response to the consultations on the future public health system in England.

Professor Davies gave evidence to the Health Committee Inquiry into Public Health.

Joint working

Jointly with our colleagues in the PHMCC Task Group, FPH prepared agreed definitions of ‘public health specialists’ which are widely applicable:

"A public health professional with demonstrable expertise working wholly within a public health function; and where either the individual or the post has a Masters in Public Health or related subject (e.g. epidemiology; health promotion etc); or equivalent level of experience of working at a senior level in the specialist area."

The leaders of the UK's main public health organisations sent a joint letter to health secretary Andrew Lansley ahead of the public health white paper. FPH, as part of the Smokefree Action Coalition (SFAC), wrote to Andrew Lansley on the proposals to protect children through tobacco legislation and enforcement.

FPH President, Lindsey Davies, also signed a joint letter to the chair of the House of Commons Health Committee, Stephen Dorrell, requesting a meeting with him to discuss active travel in the context of the white paper.

FPH is one of six institutional signatories of a policy statement on the role of public health in climate instability.

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