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One in 20 pregnant women severely obese

Five per cent of the UK maternity population are severely obese, equating to more than 38,000 pregnant women each year, according to a study by the Centre for Maternal and Child Enquiries (CMACE).

CMACE has released the report, Maternal obesity in the UK: Findings from a national project, following a three-year UK-wide enquiry.

Wales had the highest rate (6.5% - one in every 15 pregnant women) of severe maternal obesity in the UK.  In England, the region with the highest rate was East of England (6.2% - one in every 16), while London had the lowest rate (3.5% - one in every 29). 

Professor Lindsey Davies, President of the UK Faculty of Public Health, said: "“Obesity in pregnancy can be a real problem for the health of mothers and their babies.

"We must ensure that these women get the help they need early on in pregnancy.  But it is also clear that more must be done to tackle the alarming levels of obesity across the nation, to help women maintain a healthy weight before they get pregnant."

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Written: 07/12/2010 , last modified: 09/11/2011