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Panel compositions

Below are the compositions of appointments panel (Advisory Appointments Committee) for appointments to the following posts:

Number of FPH Assessors required for AACs

FPH is revising its guidance in regards to the number of external FPH assessors required to sit on an AAC panel. As posts in public health attract candidates from both medical and non-medical backgrounds, in order to better represent the interests of the FPH membership, FPH has in the past advocated assessors from both backgrounds attending AACs. Added to this was the belief that medical assessors were not always used to or had a good understanding of the multidisciplinary workforce. With the current changes to the public health system and the fact that public health specialists are now used to working in multidisciplinary environments, it is timely to review our requirement that two assessors attend an AAC.

The FPH Board has therefore agreed that there should be a change in the guidance to be permissive of a single assessor at an AAC panel:

  • That the guidance for AAC panels be amended to reflect that one external FPH assessor is acceptable, though FPH continue to recommend that there should be assessors from both a medical and multidisciplinary background
  • That, should only one assessor be present at an AAC, they may be from either a medical or multidisciplinary background. In accordance with NHS regulations, however, if it is a NHS appointment or medical-only appointment (NHS or HPA/PHE on medical consultant terms & conditions) then the assessor has to be medical to meet DH requirements for an AAC.  The change in the guidance in this respect is permissive of a single assessor, but that must be a medical assessor
  • That for medical appointments within the NHS the assessor must come from a medical background.

Guidance documents will be updated in due course.

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