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Part A Applying


The examination is open to those who hold either of the following:

  • a university degree
  • equivalent qualifications and/or experience approved by the Education Committee.

Qualifications or experience which are accepted for entry into a Master's level university programme will most likely be approved by the Education Committee for entry into the Part A Examination. It is not necessary to be enrolled on a training course to sit the examination.

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How to apply

To apply, the completed application form must reach the FPH Education Department - - no later than the published closing date and should include the following documents:

  • The requisite examination fee in cheque or money order form, made payable to the "Faculty of Public Health". (The fee payment may also be made online or over the telephone by calling our Finance department on 0203 696 1465)
  • Original evidence of degree qualification if applicant is not on the Public Health Training Scheme
  • Applicants not on the UK Public Health Training Scheme are required to submit evidence of their university degree. Applicants who are registered members of the General Medical Council (GMC) can submit a copy of their registration certificate instead of their university degree certificate. Medical graduates not registered with the GMC must provide an original of their primary medical qualification with their application form
  • A marriage certificate or other official evidence of change of name if candidates wish to enter the examination under a different name from that on the Medical Register or on their original diploma of qualification.

The published closing dates for entry to the examination are final.

Approximately two weeks after the closing date you will receive an examination allocation letter. This shows the date of the examination, the start and finish times, the examination centre address and examination number. This letter should be kept in a safe place and the date, time and centre noted. Losing or misreading the letter is not an acceptable reason for failing to attend or arriving late at an examination.

The examination number must be indicated on your examination answer folders and should be quoted in all correspondence with the Education Department.

Please check the Timetables and Fees section of the website for the FPH policy on withdrawals and refunds.

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Candidates in Hong Kong

Candidates on a Hong Kong training programme need to complete an additional and separate application to the Hong Kong College of Community Medicine (HKCCM) for the conjoint Part A Examination in Public Health. This form and further information can be found at the Hong Kong College of Community Medicine website.

Candidates with a background other than medicine (and other candidates not in a Hong Kong training programme) applying to sit the Part A examination in Hong Kong also need to complete an additional application to the HKCCM. This is not an application to sit the conjoint UK/HKCCM examination. The HKCCM acts for the Faculty of Public Health in the capacity of an examination administering body and requires a separate application form and fee to cover administrative costs.

In addition to following the normal UK application procedure outlined above, candidates should:

1. Complete the additional application form
2. Pay an administrative fee of HK$2000 to the HKCCM by attaching a cheque to the application form.

Additional details of the examination, eg. venue, time etc., will be sent to each candidate by the HKCCM.
Please note, the HKCCM acts only in the capacity of an examination administering authority, which is not equivalent to the conjoint arrangements for some of the other candidates.

The HKCCM will not recognise the qualification gained by candidates taking the Hong Kong sitting of the UK FPH examination if they have a background other than medicine.

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Number of attempts and validity period of examination passes

 From 1 June 2013 the following regulatory changes will take effect regarding the MFPH examinations:

  • No candidate will normally be permitted more than six attempts at either the Part A or Part B examination without providing evidence of additional educational experience. For Part A, the attempt limit will apply irrespective of whether a candidate has banked a paper or not.
  • Once the Part A examination has been passed, no candidate will be permitted more than seven years to pass the Part B examination. The seven-year validity period will be calculated from the date that a candidate passes the Part A examination. Should a candidate fail to achieve a Part B pass within the seven-year limit, they will be required to take the Part A again.
  • Candidates withdrawing or who are absent from an examination will not have that attempt counted.
  • Any examination pass achieved prior to or while on a break from the training scheme will only be considered valid for CCT as long as the candidate enters or re-enters the training programme within seven years of passing the examination.

Candidates applying for an additional attempt over and above the limit of six will need to complete an additional attempt form and submit this with the standard application form for the seventh or any subsequent attempt at any of the MFPH examinations. This form can be found on the FPH website on the pages dealing with the application procedure for the Part A and B examinations.

Guidance for completing the form, including details regarding the expectations of the additional experience, are also available on the FPH website on the pages dealing with the application procedure for the Part A and B examinations.

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Exceptional arrangements

Information for candidates applying for exceptional arrangements can be found in the Examinations Policy for Candidates Requiring Adjustments

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