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Part A Development Committee

The Part A Development Committee is a sub-committee of the FPH Education Committee. It is responsible for ensuring that the Part A examination is fit for purpose and satisfies the standards as laid out by the General Medical Council/UK Public Health Register. The Part A Development Committee is also responsible for the development of the Part A examination, including structure, format, policy and aims. 

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Current Members

  • Jenny Kurinczuk - Chair
  • Helen Adcock - Chair of Part A Examiners
  • Mary Bussell - Part A Examiner
  • Mary Conway - Former Part A Examiner
  • Kirsty Foster - Part A Examiner   
  • Peter Hayward - Deputy Chair of Part A Examiners
  • Ian Holtby - Part A Examiner   
  • Nora Pashayan - Part A Examiner   
  • Edward Prosser - Lay Member
  • Richard Richards - Former Part A Examiner
  • Michael Robinson - Part A Examiner
  • Nicholas Steel - Part A Examiner
  • Imogen Stephens - Part A Examiner
  • David Strachan - Former Chair of Part A Examiners
  • Hester Ward - Part A Examiner