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Part A Preparation

While postgraduate courses such as the MPH or MSc in Public Health provide most of the skills and knowledge necessary for the examination, most deaneries also hold study days for examination candidates.

Past examination papers are available to download below. Please note that past papers are only available for Paper I and Paper IIA. Questions for Paper IIB are drawn from a reusable question bank and are therefore not published. Specimen questions are available as an indication of the type of questions candidates can expect from Paper IIB. Specimen questions. These specimen questions were used in the pilot of Paper IIB involving Specialty Registrars in June 2008.

NEW – Specimen questions are now available for Paper IIA. Download these here. These have been developed with the involvement of members of the FPH Specialty Registrars Committee

General advice to candidates from examiners is also available.


There is no FPH-recommended reading list for this examination. We advise you to study the syllabus and look at what books are available, preferably in consultation with the organiser of your study course (MSc or MPH).

Past examination papers

All papers are PDF documents and are free to download. If you experience any difficulties, please contact the Education Department. To open PDF files you need the latest version of Adobe Acrobat which is free to download.

Please note that the examination format of the current syllabus applies only to papers from June 2001 onwards.

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