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Part B Applying


Before applying for the OSPHE candidates must have passed the UK's Diploma & Part I or Part A Membership Examination or have been exempted from it, eg. obtained reciprocal recognition of the Diploma & Part I Membership Examination held by the Irish Faculty of Public Health Medicine.

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Timing of the OSPHE

General advice is that the OSPHE should be taken and passed with at least two years (wte) of training remaining.

Trainees working part time should discuss their individual circumstances with regard to the timing of examinations with their programme director.

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How to apply

Please check for availability of places before you begin to book.

To apply the following must reach the Faculty Education Office no later than the published closing date:

  • FPH Part B/OSPHE application form 2018 [PDF] or
  • FPH Part B/OSPHE application form 2018 [Word]
  • together with the requisite examination fee in the form of a cheque or card payment (If making a card payment please ensure this is made before or shortly after the form has been sent)
  • A marriage certificate or other official evidence of change of name must be submitted by candidates who wish to enter under a different name to that on their certification of passing Part A examination or any other document submitted in support of their application.

The published closing dates for entry to the examination are final.

Candidates are strongly recommended to submit application forms well in advance of the closing date so that any problems can be resolved in good time.

Places are offered on a first come first served basis and that your first choice in any OSPHE sitting is not guaranteed. Therefore, please ensure that your second choice date is kept free until a confirmation of entry to a sitting has been received in writing.

All candidates are allocated a place randomly to either morning or afternoon sittings for each examination sitting.

Candidates will normally be notified of the exact date, time and location of their examination six to eight weeks prior to the examination date.

Notification will be sent out to all candidates in writing as soon as the initial assessment of applications has been completed. It is not possible to provide this information over the telephone. You must bring a copy of the notification letter to your examination.

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Priority and Waiting Lists

With six OSPHE stations and six preparation stations, a total of 12 candidates can be examined in one sitting in a total of one hour and fifty minutes.

If candidates withdraw from an examination or waiting list, the list will be updated accordingly from names on a waiting list. Once allocated a slot a candidate will not be able to alter this other than under exceptional circumstances to be agreed by the OSPHE Chair and Assistant Academic Registrar.

Candidates who appeal against an OSPHE outcome from the previous sittings will not be permitted to reapply and join a waiting list until the outcome of the appeal process has been completed.

Applicants for the OSPHE will be able to apply immediately after receiving their Part A examination results normally without prioritisation. Dates will be published a year in advance to allow potential applicants the opportunity to plan ahead.

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Fast Tracking of Candidates

If any Training Programme Director (TPD) has a trainee who is close to their expected CCT date or close to ending a phase in training and they have justifiable reasons for them to sit the Part B OSPHE Examination as soon as possible, the TPD may request that the trainee is fast tracked onto a particular sitting.

This request will enable a candidate to be given a place on a chosen Part B OSPHE examination sitting. The request must be made in writing, at least two weeks before the closing date of the required examination and should be addressed to the Vice Chair of the Part B OSPHE Examination, (Logistics), and sent to the Education Department of FPH.

The request should outline reasons why the trainee should be given consideration to sit the requested Part B OSPHE Examination and provided the reasons are valid, the candidate may be given priority to sit the examination.

The receipt of such a request will be acknowledged within 5 working days and confirmation of a decision will be sent within 10 working days. Any requests received after the examination closing date/s may not be considered.

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Number of attempts and validity period of examination passes

 From 1 June 2013 the following regulatory changes will take effect regarding the MFPH examinations:

  • No candidate will normally be permitted more than six attempts at either the Part A or Part B examination without providing evidence of additional educational experience. For Part A, the attempt limit will apply irrespective of whether a candidate has banked a paper or not.
  • Once the Part A examination has been passed, no candidate will be permitted more than seven years to pass the Part B examination. The seven-year validity period will be calculated from the date that a candidate passes the Part A examination. Should a candidate fail to achieve a Part B pass within the seven-year limit, they will be required to take the Part A again.
  • Candidates withdrawing or who are absent from an examination will not have that attempt counted.
  • Any examination pass achieved prior to or while on a break from the training scheme will only be considered valid for CCT as long as the candidate enters or re-enters the training programme within seven years of passing the examination.

Candidates applying for an additional attempt over and above the limit of six will need to complete an additional attempt form and submit this with the standard application form for the seventh or any subsequent attempt at any of the MFPH examinations. This form can be found on the FPH website on the pages dealing with the application procedure for the Part A and B examinations.

Guidance for completing the form, including details regarding the expectations of the additional experience, are also available on the FPH website on the pages dealing with the application procedure for the Part A and B examinations.

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Exceptional arrangements

Information for candidates applying for exceptional arrangements can be found in the Policy for candidates requiring adjustments [pdf]

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