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Plain speaking on obesity is welcome

The Chief Medical Officer has warnd that being overweight has become normalised in her annual report, published today.

Commenting on the findings, Professor John Ashton, President of the Faculty of Public Health, said:

"We welcome the Chief Medical Officer’s plain speaking on the need to distinguish between a healthy weight and being overweight or obese. However, obesity is a complex issue: if simply telling people to ‘eat less and move more’ was enough, we would have dealt with it by now. We can only tackle obesity when we change our culture and environment.

“For example, we know that health and wealth are linked: your likelihood of having poorer health because you are overweight or obese is linked to where you live and how much you earn. We need all our towns and cities to support walking or cycling, and for everyone to have access to the best value healthy foods, fruit and vegetables. Individuals need to make healthy choices for themselves, but for that to happen, government needs to do what only it can do and use the law to improve public health."

Written: 27/03/2014 , last modified: 08/07/2014