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Privacy Policy

The Faculty of Public Health (FPH) website and other web-based systems that FPH administers do not collect or store personal information about you unless you choose to give this information. This can be when you register to use one of our online services (members' area, CPD , E-portfolio, multisource feedback tool, and network groups), update your membership details, or register for an event.

FPH aims to protect your privacy and personal data at all times in accordance with the Data Protection Act (1998).

Membership details

The personal information that is entered on the FPH membership database via the online members' area is used only for the administration of FPH by its staff and elected officials. We may use this information to send you information that relates to FPH services and your FPH membership, or which FPH believes will be of benefit to you in your profession.


You are able to make sections of your e-portfolio accessible to your trainer, Training Programme Director and your Deanery for administrative and evaluation purposes. Only you have access to the information/evidence that you choose to store in your personal area. Only selected areas of the portfolio system can be accessed by FPH for administrative purposes only.

Trainees' multisource feedback tool

The information which is entered into this system is available only to you and your Educational Supervisor.

CPD online diary

The information which you enter on this system is available only to you and can be accessed by FPH for administrative purposes only .

Network groups

Personal data entered on this system is used by FPH for administration purposes only. However, when you sign up to the network groups, the terms and conditions of their use state that limited personal details will be able to be viewed by others using the system. Should you become aware of a user abusing this system, please inform the FPH network groups' administrator as a matter of urgency ( ).


The website only uses cookies if you tick the 'Remember me' box for your login to the network groups or members' area. The cookie (a very small text file that is sent to and then automatically stored on your computer) enables the system to recognise your computer when you return to the website.

Data protection

All personal data is processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act (1998) and, under this Act, FPH has a legal duty to protect your personal data.

FPH will take all reasonable technical precautions to ensure that your data is safely collected and stored.

FPH will not pass your personal data to any outside organisations or individuals without your consent or prior knowledge. The only exception to this is that address details may be passed to a third-party organisation directly contracted by FPH to fulfil a specific FPH administrative task on it's behalf.

According to the Act, you have the right to see the information that FPH has about you. Please contact the FPH data protection officer for a copy of the FPH data protection policy and details of how to do this.

The full FPH data protection policy.

If you have any queries regarding this privacy statement, please contact: the Data Protection Officer, the Faculty of Public Health, 4 St Andrews Place, London , NW1 4LB, UK; +44 (0)20 3696 1462;