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Professional Affairs Committee

This committee, which currently meets three times a year, is chaired by the FPH Registrar, and attended by the FPH Assistant Registrar and regional FPH Advisers. In supporting the work of the Registrar, it has a wide remit, with responsibility for workforce issues - including consultant appointments (AACs), distinction grades of membership, consultants’ clinical excellence awards and an overview of the implementation of the agreed mechanisms for CPD and revalidation of public health practice.

Committee Members

  • Dr Jeremy Hawker – Chair (FPH Registrar)
  • Dr Amanda Jones – FPH Adviser – East of England
  • Dr Anne McConville – FPH Adviser – Department of Health
  • Dr Colin Pollock – FPH Adviser – Yorkshire & the Humber
  • Dr David Chappel – FPH Adviser – North East
  • Dr Deborah Turbitt – FPH Adviser – London
  • Dr Harsh Duggal – FPH Adviser – West Midlands
  • Dr Jenifer Smith – FPH Adviser – South Central
  • Dr John Garcia-Rodriguez – FPH Adviser – South East Coast
  • Dr Joyce Carter – FPH Adviser – North West
  • Dr Julie Cavanagh – FPH Adviser – Scotland
  • Dr Lyn Harris – FPH Wales
  • Grp. Cpt. Lucy Elphinstone – FPH Adviser – Defence Medical Services
  • Dr Sally Pearson – FPH Adviser – South West
  • Dr Peter Sheridan – FPH Adviser – Health Protection Agency
  • Dr Stephen Bergin – FPH Adviser – Northern Ireland
  • Dr Sushma Acquilla – FPH Adviser – International
  • Dr Susan Cohen – FPH Adviser – East Midlands


Fellowship Committee

The Fellowship Committee meets annually in January to consider nominations for the distinction and honorary grades of membership; Membership through Distinction, Fellowship through Distinction and Honorary Membership and Honorary Fellowship. Nominations typically open in July and close in November and details, nomination forms and guidance will be released in July 2010.

The committee comprises the Officers of FPH and three committee members

Committee Members

  • Professor John Ashton -  President and Chair
  • Dr Edmund Jessop - Vice President
  • Dr Jeremy Hawker - Registrar
  • Dr Peter Sheridan - Assistant Registrar
  • Dr Premila Webster -  Academic Registrar
  • Dr Annette Wood - Assistant Academic Registrar
  • Dr Brendan Mason - Assistant Academic Registrar
  • Dr David Williams - Treasurer
  • Dr Philip Monk
  • Dr Stephen Bridgman
  • Dr Chris Packham

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