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Public Health Careers

Specialise in the 'bigger picture'

Have you considered specialising in public health?

Are you passionate? Do you possess the drive and vision to make all our lives better by improving how and where we live?

Are you a leader, facilitator and skilled communicator?

A strategic and critical thinker whose field of vision always encompasses the 'bigger picture'?
Do you enjoy statistics and finding evidence-based solutions to complex problems?

And do you believe that we all have the right to better health?

Could you be a public health consultant?

Read more on what it is like to work as a specialist in public health.

Specialty Training 2017 – ST1 Opportunities in Public Health Recruitment


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What is public health?

Public health is about improving and protecting the health of groups of people, rather than about treating individual patients.
Public health consultants must look at ‘the bigger picture’ and then take action to promote healthy lifestyles, prevent disease, protect and improve general health, and improve healthcare services.
The ‘population’ they are working for could be a rural community, an entire city, or the global population, but the principles remain the same.

Guide to training

Download the pdf of our booklet on training in public health: Public Health: specialise in the 'bigger picture' and the Handbook on Training and Examinations for more information.

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