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Public Health Ethics Special Interest Group

The Faculty of Public Health's Ethics Special Interest Group (SIG) is a forum for public health professionals to consider and support the professional and ethical requirements for public health.

We are a growing network which encourages and facilitates our members to explore theoretical ethics and the practical application of ethics in public health practice and decision making.  

The conversations and resources uploaded here aim to advance our training and education, as required in the Public Health Knowledge and Skills Framework, and provide an academic and practical resource for our day-to-day ethical dilemmas.

The Special Interest Group also acts as a coordinating platform and resource for the regional ethics fora.

  • Chair: Farhang Tahzib at
  • Supporting Registrar: Caroline Vass at

There are a number of regional ethics fora which aim to advance the discussion locally of ethics in public health. Please contact the chair of the Special Interest Group, Farhang tahzib, at who will put you in touch with the current local forum coordinator.