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Public health needs of Gazans a 'serious concern'

Commenting on the conflict in Gaza and Israel, Dr John Middleton Vice President for Policy at the Faculty of Public Health, said: "We call on all parties to make firm commitments towards a peace with dignity, autonomy, and freedom from aggression and intimidation and with mutual respect.

"We express our sympathy with the friends, families and loved ones of all those who have been killed and injured by the conflict in Gaza and Israel.

"The public health needs of people in Gaza are a serious concern: many Gazans are children, and without reliable fresh water supplies and the necessary medical supplies, their lives and health are at risk. A lasting ceasefire is crucial to allow urgent humanitarian assistance to reach the people of Gaza.

"The public health community has a strong tradition of seeking to save lives and prevent suffering and to analyse the root causes of inequalities and propose solutions. We follow non-violent codes of conduct that transcend political divides and support the cause of common humanity.

"We call on the health community to forge stronger links with colleagues and human rights organisations in Gaza and Israel to bring about pressure to increase humanitarian assistance and the eventual rebuilding of Gaza.   We urge all those in positions of influence within the Israeli and Palestinian governments to call for the unilateral halting of hostilities for unconditional and meaningful talks to resume."

Written: 01/08/2014 , last modified: 26/09/2014