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Public Health Standards and Knowledge Committees

Public Health Standards and Knowledge Committee

The Public Health Standards and Knowledge Committee (PHSKC) is responsible for initiating, delivering and encouraging standards in public health, and for monitoring and maintaining the high quality of standards and good practice in the specialty.

Its role is to ensure, through work on developing systems within the Faculty of Public Health (FPH) and its membership, that the highest standards of public health practice are attained and maintained.

The remit of the PHSKC is:

  • To provide guidance on training in public health - the curriculum and assessment methods for the five-year training programme of public health specialists and consultants. This work is run by the Academic Registrar through the Education Committee
  • To set standards and competencies for public health practice
  • To provide guidance on the development and improvement of continuing professional development (CPD) monitoring, reporting functions and audit, through oversight of the CPD Coordinators Committee
  • To lead within FPH on revalidation: to agree the principles and mechanisms for appraisal and revalidation in public health practice, namely through agreeing the policy in relation to our duty of cooperation and providing Specialty Specific Guidance, and to ensure FPH meets the standards required as a designated body
  • To monitor equivalence of standards between the different types of specialists being developed by FPH and the UK Public Health Register and recommend any necessary action
  • To ensure that the membership is fully informed of its work and recommendations
  • To undertake any other work as required by the Board or Executive Committee
  • To set and monitor standards for public health teams as a national benchmark
  • To oversee FPH's work on public health knowledge, including research, and information and intelligence.

The committee meets four times a year.

Committee administrator –

Committee Members
  • Ed Jessop - Chair (FPH Vice President Standards)
  • Jenny Kurinczuk - Chair of Part A Examination
  • Chris Packham - Chair of Part B Examination
  • Anne Mackie - Director of CPD
  • Suzanna Mathew - Chair of the Curriculum and Assessment Committee
  • Will Hanrahan - Lay member
  • Judith Greenacre – Wales representative
  • Emilia Crighton - Scotland representative
  • Maureen McCartney - Northern Ireland representative
  • Jeremy Hawker - Registrar
  • Premila Webster - Academic Registrar
  • Joe McDonnell - Chair of the Specialty Registrars Committee
  • Ian Harvey - Chair of the Research Committee
  • Mike Catchpole - Chair of the Information & Intelligence Committee
  • Premila Webster - Chair of the Equivalence Committee
  • Brendan Mason - Assistant Academic Registrar
  • Judith Richardson – NICE representative and Faculty Advisor
  • Trudi Kemp - Provider Trust representative
  • Rachel Partridge - Co-opted Ordinary member
  • Charlotte Ashton - Co-opted Ordinary member

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CPD Advisers Committee

The Advisers normally meet quarterly for a business and information exchange meeting, chaired by the CPD Director. The Vice Chair is the Deputy CPD Director and supports the CPD Director and the Faculty more generally. The CPD Advisers Committee reports to the Faculty Board via the Standards Committee.

Committee Members
  • Lorraine Lighton - CPD Director, Chair
  • Naveed Syed - Deputy CPD Director, Regional CPD Adviser West Midlands
  • Frances Chinemana - Regional CPD Adviser, South West
  • Padmanabhan Badrinath - Regional CPD Adviser, East of England
  • Eugenia Cronin - Regional CPD Adviser, London
  • Faiza Khan - Regional CPD Adviser, South East Coast
  • Vacant - Regional CPD Adviser, South Central (Thames Valley)
  • Vivian Speller - Regional CPD Adviser, South Central (Hampshire & IoW)
  • Lynne McNiven - Regional CPD Adviser, East Midlands
  • Claire Sullivan - Regional CPD Adviser, North East
  • Julia Weldon - Regional CPD Adviser, Y&H
  • John Astbury - Regional CPD Adviser, North West
  • John O’Dowd - Regional CPD Adviser, Scotland
  • Judith Greenacre - Regional CPD Adviser, Wales
  • Stephen Bergin - Regional CPD Adviser, Northern Ireland
  • Andrew Terrell - Regional CPD Adviser, DMS
  • Muna Abdel-Aziz - International CPD Adviser
  • Ruth Milton - CPD Adviser
  • Toks Sangowawa - CPD Adviser
  • Jill Morris - CPD Adviser
  • Hugo Van Woerden - CPD Adviser
  • Penny Spring - CPD Adviser
  • James Gore - Head of Education & Professional Standards
  • Krisztina Erdei - CPD Administrator, Committee Secretary

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Academic and Research Committee

The Committee shall be made up of individuals working in both the university and non-university sectors (which may include the NHS, central and local government, agencies such as the Health Protection Agency, Health Development Agency and others). There shall be a member representing the Trainee Members Committee.

Committee Members
  • Carol Brayne - Chair
  • Neil Bendel
  • Anne Johnson
  • Caroline Rumble
  • Bernadette Hannigan
  • Claudia Langenberg
  • Dorothy Gregson
  • David Ishola
  • Fiona Sim
  • Jennifer Yip
  • Martin White
  • Richard Thomson
  • Ruth Bell
  • Jon Shepherd
  • Sheena Ramsay
  • Yoav Ben-Shlomo
  • Simon Capewell

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Information and Intelligence Committee

The aim of the Information and Intelligence Committee is to promote standards and the effective use of relevant data, statistics and guidelines (information), and the use of information, systems and professional knowledge (intelligence) in the assessment, improvement and protection of population health. The committee considers matters of professional competence and capacity, and standards and systems for quality and governance, relevant to public health information and intelligence functions. It forms a focus for the assessment of information requirements of public health specialists. Its main areas of responsibility are to:

  • provide professional advice on the development and use of public health information (where requested, it would advise the relevant government departments in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland)
  • co-ordinate FPH's input into nationally organised information groups
  • co-ordinate FPH's response to formal consultations on information and intelligence-related issues
  • provide professional advice on standards (competencies and capacities) for delivery of public health information and intelligence functions
  • interpret public health information.

The committee meets four times a year and is self-administering. To contact the committee, please email:

Committee Members
  • Mike Catchpole - Chair
  • Colin Fischbacher  - Scotland representative
  • John Newton - Department of Health representative
  • Vacant - Wales representative
  • Parul Desai
  • Julian Flowers
  • Fay Haffenden
  • Alison MacFarlane
  • Michael Soljak

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Journal Board

The Journal Board is responsible for:

  • the financial management and audit of the Journal of Public Health;
  • providing an interface between the Faculty and the publishers (OUP);
  • monitoring the activities of the editors and Editorial Board;
  • reviewing the performance of the journal;
  • exploring ways in which the journal can support the activities of the Faculty.

The board generally meets once a year.

Committee administrator – .

Committee Members
  • Ed Jessop - Chair - Vice President for Standards
  • David Williams - Treasurer
  • Selena Gray - Joint Editor
  • Gabriel Leung - Joint Editor
  • John Tomlinson - FPH Board member
  • Zafar Iqbal - FPH Board member
  • Representatives, OUP

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Working Groups

Practitioner Development Working Group meetings

Read more about the Practioner Development Working Group and the Public Health Workforce Programme Management Group here.

Revalidation Working Group

Read more about the Revalidation Working Group here.


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