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Registrar responsibilities

The success of training depends as much on registrars as on trainers and training opportunities.

Registrars should be prepared to:

  • Accept responsibility for the service work which has been delegated.
  • Develop their own interests and expertise within one or more fields of the practice of public health and identify their own learning needs and seek the remedies.
  • Establish a relationship of honesty and trust with their trainer where frank criticism and comment becomes possible. Ensure that the trainer is fully aware of relevant previous experience and skills and make known at an early stage any problems which may impede the attainment of training objectives.
  • Co-operate in the various forms of performance assessment and evaluation, and be willing to accept guidance arising from this.
  • Keep up-to-date with recent developments in the specialty, including attendance at postgraduate meetings and regular reading of relevant journals and periodicals.

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