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Revalidation Working Group


  • Professor Steve George (Vice President)
  • Dr Rob Cooper (Part B Chair)
  • Dr Anne Mackie (CPD Director)
  • Dr Sarah Meredith (CPD Co-ordinator, London)
  • Dr Gary Cook (health and social services quality input)
  • Dr Jeremy Hawker (health protection input)
  • Dr John Kemm (health improvement input)
  • Dr Judith Greenacre (public health appraisal input)
  • Dr Keith Reid (BMA representative)
  • Dr Margaret Rae (DPH input)
  • Mr Paul Scourfield (Chief Executive)
  • Ms Laura Webb (Head of Professional Affairs)
  • Ms Elin Sandberg (Senior Administrator, PH Workforce)
  • Ms Kristen Morgan (Business Manager)

Terms of Reference

The working group had been set up by the Standards Committee and would report to it. It was intended to act as a ‘think tank’ to develop Faculty policy and processes for revalidation and would be time limited. The composition of the group might need to change over time to bring in other types of expertise as needed.


The FPH Revalidation Working Group meets regularly in person and via telephone conference. The group also keeps in contact via email and a closed network group.

The next meeting will be early September 2009.


The minutes of previous meetings can be found here.