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Sam Ramaiah Award


Sam Ramaiah (1948-2010) was a charismatic public health doctor, leader and tireless campaigner for the health prospects of poor and disadvantaged groups. At the time of his sudden and unexpected death on 6 September 2010 he was Professor of Health and Well Being with Wolverhampton University, Director of Public Health for Walsall MBC and for NHS Walsall, and Assistant Registrar of the Faculty of Public Health.  A fuller account of the life and work of Sam Ramaiah can be found on Munk's roll.

In Sam's memory and to celebrate his many achievements and contribution to public health, Wallsall PCT and Wellcome, a voluntary group he founded, have put together an endowment to be administered by FPH.


The endowment for the award will be held in a fund to be known as a 'Sam Ramaiah award' from which income will be used to provide the following:

  • two cash prizes worth £250 (one open to all candidates and one open to public health specialty registrars)
  • a certificate


FPH shall each year award a prize to the best piece of work, including papers, policies, posters, presentations, audits or research, on a public health topic seeking to improve the health of black and minority ethnic communities or reduce health inequalities in the United Kingdom.


Entries are open to all candidates including specialty registrars in public health.


£250 for each cash prize agreed in 2011.


To be eligible, the piece of work must consist of original work compiled solely by the entrant. This does not preclude the entrant from receiving advice on planning, execution or reporting of research on which the entry is based.

Entries will consist of a summary of work (maximum of 500 words). The entry shall be certified as the entrant's own work, signed by the entrant and countersigned by your educational supervisor (if in training) or appropriate colleague.

Frequency of award

Annually beginning in 2011, funds permitting.

Closing date

1 February each year.


Adjudication to be undertaken by a committee comprising:

(a)  A board member

(b)  Assistant academic registrar

(c)  Specialty registrar committee member

(d)  Two members of Wellcome

Criteria for award

In the absence of applications of sufficient merit, the adjudication committee may decide that no prize will be awarded and the funds carried over in the Trusts for future years.


The prize will consist of a FPH certificate and a cash sum and shall be awarded on the occasion of FPH's annual awards ceremony.


The decision of the adjudication committee will be reported to the Board and announced at FPH's annual awards ceremony.

Further information

Please contact the Training & Sponsorship Administrator on 020 7224 0642 or by email on .