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Sir John Brotherston Prize


The Faculty of Public Health (FPH) shall each year award a prize to the best essay or research on a Public Health topic written by a student of medicine or young graduate prior to full registration. Entries may only be submitted once.


To be eligible the essay or report must consist of original work compiled solely by the entrant prior to full registration. This does not preclude the entrant from receiving advice on planning, execution or reporting of research on which the entry is based. The entry shall be certified as the entrant’s own work, signed by the entrant, and countersigned by the Head of the Department of Public Health Medicine in the university concerned. The final decision of eligibility rests with the Education Committee of the Faculty of Public Health.

Criteria for Entry

  • An entry shall contain no more than 3,500 words, typed in double spacing with a one-inch margin.
  • Four copies of each entry should be submitted. (One copy will be accepted from candidates residing overseas, who should note that their entry will be photocopied).
  • Illustrations and tabulations shall be separated from the text.
  • References shall be listed by means of sequential numbers in the text related to the reference list in numerical order at the end of the text.
  • Acknowledgements must not be included (in order to maintain strict anonymity).
  • The candidate's name and full address should be supplied on a separate sheet of paper, detachable from the essay.
  • The candidate's name must not appear in the essay.


The Education Committee of the Faculty of Public Health shall appoint adjudicators and, taking that advice of the adjudicators into account, shall recommend to the Board of the Faculty one of the eligible entries for the award of the prize. In the event of none of the entries being deemed of a sufficiently high standard the Education Committee shall recommend that no award be made.

Presentation of Award

The winner will receive a certificate and a medal. The prize-winning entry will normally be published in FPH’s journal, subject to the agreement of the editors.


The closing date for receipt of entries shall be 1 February each year.

Entries should be sent to:

The Head of the Education and Training Department
Faculty of Public Health
4 St Andrew’s Place


Please contact the Education and Training Department on 020 3696 1451 or by email on .