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Specialist Regulation

FPH response to the consultation on regulation of non-medical PH specialists

The Faculty of Public Health has deliberated very carefully and thoughtfully in its response to the Department of Health consultation on statutory regulation for non-medical public health specialists. There is unanimous support for actively pursuing statutory regulation as soon as possible, to ensure safety for both public and employers, and equivalence across the profession. 

Our preference would be to maintain regulation with one body, the GMC or the UKPHR if this was possible in the short term. However, we have reluctantly come to the conclusion that neither of these are in a position to offer statutory regulation quickly and so, with some regret, we are unable to support them. 

The Health & Care Professions Council is a large established, experienced regulator and we believe this is the best option to obtain statutory regulation in the short term. We have specifically asked that Revalidation is also established as part of the register so we can move to full equivalence between medical and non-medical public health specialists. 

Download our full response to the Department of Health here.

Meradin Peachey, Vice-President, Standards 

PHWAG task group on regulation

The Public Health Workforce Advisory Group (PHWAG) advises the four UK countries on current issues and future planning for the public health workforce. It has a comprehensive membership of stakeholder groups who are concerned with, or have an interest in, workforce planning and development. 

It is in the process of developing a suite of papers that will clearly state PHWAG’s views on a number of specific issues related to workforce development. Each paper should be read in conjunction with other issues, depending on the area of guidance required. The papers have been developed in such a way as to make them acceptable to all four of the devolved administrations of the UK. 

Please see:

PHWAG commissioned a task group to consider and agree core principles around issues relating to regulation which includes, but is not limited to, the reasons for regulation, routes to registration, chartering, future competencies and standards applied, the role of Advisory Appointment Committees (AACs) and sub specialties. The remit of the task group is to agree principles of regulation for the UK public health workforce, including both specialists and practitioners, and to disseminate its findings to UK health departments, regulators, employers, professional bodies and others with an interest in protecting and improving the health of the public.

The group has previously agreed the following statements:

  • The UK Public Health Specialist workforce should be regulated. This should include not just initial registration but revalidation to ensure the maintenance of standards and continuing professional development
  • FPH is the professional standard-setting body for specialist public health practice
  • The group supports in principle the idea of public health practitioner registration
  • An AAC should be a requirement for all Public Health Specialist appointments.

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