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Standards for employers of public health teams

The Local Government Association has published the Standards for Employers of Public Health Teams in England. These employer standards are the outcome of work carried out by the Standing Group on Local Public Health Teams, on which FPH serves, and follows consultation on draft standards last Autumn.

You can see joint letter from FPH President, John Middleton, and UK Public Health Register Chair Andrew Jones to directors of public health in England here.

These standards set out how good employers should support their public health people to develop and maintain their skills and knowledge and to retain their professional skills and registration, thus enabling them to provide an effective service to the public, deliver public health functions at all grades and professions and in all employment settings, and to work effectively. In short, this is 'what good looks like'. These expectations are in line with regulatory and improvement frameworks for public services and used by service and professional regulators.

The standards enable an effective alignment between FPH as the professional standard-setting body for public health professionals and the standards that employers set for a competent, capable and effective workforce. They also highlight the role of professional regulation and registration in maintaining professional standards and underpinning duties of professional and technical integrity.

Written: 23/02/2018 , last modified: 23/02/2018

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