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Start Well, Live Better - a manifesto

Manifesto - Start Well, Live BetterThe Faculty of Public Health (FPH) has launched its 12-point action plan for public health. Start Well, Live Better is the culmination of an extensive consultation with our members about the top public health priorities for this government and the next. From children’s health to climate change, Start Well, Live Better sets out 12 important and practical actions for anyone serious about giving our children the best possible chance of a healthy and happy life.

Our 12- point plan for better public health:

Give children the best start in life

  • Implement the recommendations of the 1001 Critical Days cross-party report 
  • Make personal, social, health and economic, and sex and relationship education a statutory duty in all schools 
  • Reinstate at least two hours per week of physical activity in schools

Introduce good laws to prevent bad health and save lives

  • Stop the marketing of foods high in sugar, fat and salt before the 9pm watershed on TV, and tighten online marketing restrictions
  • Introduce a 20% duty (per litre) on sugar sweetened beverages
  • Introduce a minimum unit price for alcohol of at least 50p per unit of alcohol sold
  • Implement standardised tobacco packaging
  • Set 20mph as the maximum speed limit in built up areas

Help people live healthier lives

  • Give everyone in paid employment and training a living wage
  • Reaffirm commitment to a universal healthcare system, free at the point of use, funded through general taxation

Take national action to tackle a global problem

  • Invest in public transport and active transport
  • Implement a cross-national approach to meet climate change targets including a rapid move to 100% renewables and a zero-carbon energy system.

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A living wage for all in paid work of training.