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Subscriptions for membership of the Faculty of Public Health (FPH) are due and payable on 1 January each year. The FPH Board agrees any changes to membership rates in November each year and the Treasurer notifies all members in December of their subscription for the following January.

Members can then arrange payment in January or opt to make payments by direct debit.

FPH members should be aware that FPH subscriptions are tax deductible in accordance with section 344 of the Income Tax Act 2003. (FPH is on List 3 and is listed as 'Public Health of the Royal Colleges of Physicians of the United Kingdom, Faculty of.')

A list of the 2018 membership subscription rates are available in the documents area of this page.

There are reduced rate subscription options available in certain instances.

Payment of subscriptions


Credit/Debit cards

Annual subscriptions can be paid by Visa/MasterCard/JCB; we do not charge bank charges on these transactions and request that you do not pay by American Express. Members can make payment via the members area of our website, so please log in to make payment. Alternatively call Valerie MacDonald on 020 3696 1465.

Direct Debits

Subscriptions can be paid by annual, quarterly or monthly direct debit. (Please note: monthly direct debits are collected in 10 installments between January and October).

Forms for setting up a direct debit can be downloaded from the panel on the right of this page.  Please complete the form and return to the FPH office by post.


Annual subscriptions can be paid by cheque in pounds sterling drawn on a UK bank and made payable to 'Faculty of Public Health'. Please note that Eurocheques cannot be accepted.

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Reduced Rate Subscriptions

Salary-linked subscriptions

A reduction in the annual subscriptions is available to members who have a low professional income as assessed for taxation purposes (this is before the payment of any income tax, National Insurance or pension contributions.) Members requiring such a reduction must apply annually to the Treasurer by 31 January each year. Please email , providing proof of earnings.

The reduction is offered:

(a) to a member who is usually working but on a low income.

The subscription will be 80% of the subscription normally payable or the Faculty minimum subscription which ever is the higher.

(b) to a member who is usually not working fulltime but is not able to claim a retired rate of subscription.

There will be a reduction of 33% of the subscription normally payable or the Faculty minimum which ever is the higher

Full details are given with the annual subscription letter but further details can be available from on 020 3696 1465.

Reduced subscriptions at the discretion of the Treasurer

Reduced subscriptions may be approved at the Treasurers discretion in exceptional circumstances. Please contact the Membership Department to discuss any such instances.

Subscription options for retired members

Retired members can opt to pay one of five rates of annual subscription to the Faculty. Each rate varies in benefits. Please contact the Finance and Membership Department for further information ( ).


To be eligible to benefit from the retired members' rates in any given year you must:

  • have been retired from all public health practice
  • not receive income from any other work for more than 50 days in the calendar year

A request to change to a retired rate of subscription should be made by 31 January each year.

Application process

Please fill out the notification form and return it to the Faculty's Membership Records Administrator.

Gift Aid

Retired members are also eligible to register for Gift Aid with FPH and we can apply this to your subscription.

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