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Survey of public health content of STPs

Sustainability and transformation plans (STPs) are five-year collaborations between the NHS, local government and other key partners for improving health and wellbeing, developing new models of care, and improving the quality and efficiency of services in 44 local areas across England.

STPs are a hugely significant change to the planning of health and care services in England and are critical to the delivery of the prevention aspirations of NHS England's strategy, the Five Year Forward View. As such, they represent both considerable opportunities and challenges for public health professionals and the wider public health movement.

The Faculty of Public Health (FPH) Board accordingly requested a survey of directors of public health in England to gauge the level of involvement of key local public health staff in local authorities and the NHS. The online survey was conducted during December 2016 and January 2017, and an initial summary analysis of responses was reported to the FPH Board in February 2017.

The STP Questionnaire Report presents the results of the survey and identifies the key public health challenges and influences in the effectiveness of the public health and preventative elements of the STP.

Written: 23/03/2017 , last modified: 24/03/2017


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