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Sustainable Development

The human race is facing a threat that is perhaps unparalleled in its history – the effects of climate change brought about by harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

Without drastic measures to significantly reduce emissions, our fundamental means of existence will be at serious risk. Taking action on climate change should therefore be a public health priority.

And the health and healthcare community can and must lead the change to a healthier, sustainable, low-carbon future.

FPH publications

Environmental Sustainability & Public Health Training in the UK
March 2013

Climate change is a key public health challenge of the 21st century. To address this we need to move to a more sustainable way of living and working. This report presents what public health registrars in the UK have been doing to accelerate this shift. With a foreword by President Elect Professor John Ashton, it offers examples of work done to make both public health training and work more sustainable.

Sustainable Development and Health: Key policy documents

A joint stand for collective action
22 January 2008

FPH and 18 other organisations have issued a joint statement: It's Time to Act on Climate Change [pdf].

This has been sent to to all UK primary care trusts, strategic health authorities and acute trusts asking them to prioritise action on climate change, particularly as this will also have a positive impact on other major public health challenges such as obesity and inequalities.


Sustainable Development Network Group

The Sustainable Development network groups provides a forum for debate and the opportunity to share knowledge and insight into the whole sustainable development agenda. Register with the Network Groups now.


FPH is a signatory to the "Warwick Manifesto", the start of a potentially influential network of organisations and individuals committed to increasing the aknowledgement of sustainable development as crucial to health. Read the Manifesto


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