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Taxpayers Alliance report 'opportunity to show value of public health'

The Taxpayers Alliance has today (4 August) published a 'Nanny State Rich List' report, which claims to present the salaries given to senior public health specialists working in public health.

Commenting on the report, Professor John Middleton, President of the Faculty of Public Health, said: “We welcome today’s report from the Taxpayers Alliance, because it gives public health professionals an opportunity to demonstrate the value that they add to improving the quality and length of our lives.

"Senior public health professionals receive the salaries they do because they train for at least five years, usually passing two sets of difficult exams before qualifying, so that they can serve the public’s health and keep people of all ages safe from harm.

"That training includes learning how to make sense of complex evidence to ensure billions of taxpayers’ money is wisely spent, which is even more important at a time of such economic uncertainty. It’s a pity this report is simply incorrect in places: some public health leaders are just not paid as much as the report suggests, and some roles mentioned don’t actually exist.
“Public health matters because it is about protecting and improving everyone’s health, from babies and children to older people. That could be by through quit smoking clinics, protecting the health of people whose homes are flooded or using public health expertise to ensure NHS funding for cancer services is spent in the most effective way. For every pound spent on public health services, it saves the taxpayer around four pounds by preventing health problems.

When put into context, the so-called ‘nanny state’ of public health becomes less of an imposition and more like a sensible intervention that saves money and lives. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss how public health training works with the Taxpayers Alliance, so they can see for themselves how rigorous it is and the value it offers to the public purse.”

Written: 04/08/2016 , last modified: 27/10/2016