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The Practitioner Masterclass Programme 2016

The Faculty of Public Health, in partnership with Health Education England across  Thames Valley, has developed a series of workshops to support public health practitioners who wish to develop their professional competence and expertise. 

This programme will provide 6 half day workshops to support public health workers who are:

working on their portfolio for practitioner registration

thinking about developing a portfolio 

seeking to address shortfalls in their knowledge and understanding about public health eg: those who have         recently moved into public health from another discipline/area of work

Location: Oxford

Fee: £60 to attend 1 workshop or £100 to attend any two.

All delegates will receive a certificate of attendance.

For more information on the course or to book a place on these sessions please contact Gareth Cooke, FPH Curriculum & Courses Co-ordinator. 

E: T: 020 3696 1475


                     ‘linking theory to practice – the thinking behind public health practice in the UK’

Each of the workshops will be explicitly linked to the UK practitioner standards used to assess practitioners for professional registration.  The focus will be on the underpinning knowledge, and how this informs and applies to everyday practice.  The workshops will help practitioners to both apply their knowledge to their practice and to reflect on their practice.  

Practitioners can be confident that the training is at the right level to demonstrate their competence for professional registration (ie: Level 6 of the national qualifications framework/degree level); and that it will contribute to their evidence for inclusion in the practitioner portfolio for assessment. 

The sessions will be delivered by facilitators active in public health with expertise in the session they are leading, and experience of teaching at degree level – the level required for practitioner registration. The facilitators will create an environment in which practitioners can learn, or update learning, in the theoretical and technical disciplines that underpin public health practice. Facilitators will be looking for delegates to be prepared to discuss the learning in the context of real work-based examples.

The Faculty of Public Health has approved this course as suitable to meet the objectives as described above.

 Workshop dates and contents

June 28th (Closing date for applications 21st June)

9:30am – 12:30am Workshop 3: Accessing, appraising and applying the evidence base: Understanding what works and what does not when tackling Public Health issues. Facilitator: Anna Lyon

1:30pm - 4:30pm Workshop 4: Public Health Ethics and values and how they inform a public Health approach: How what you do affects others and the increasing importance of Professional Conduct. Facilitator: Professor John Coggon

July 13th (Closing date for applications July 7th)

9:30am – 12:30am Workshop 5: Developing and evaluating interventions, programmes and services collaboratively and in Partnership: Working with other organisations: the opportunities and challenges involved. Facilitator: Dr Puja Myles

1:30pm - 4:30pm Workshop 6: Understanding risk, and ways of communicating risks to health to different stakeholders: How to reach the public and help them make the right decisions regarding their health. Facilitator: Dr Boika Rechel

It is  expected that the all delegates commit to undertake any work or required pre-reading in preparation for, or following workshops to fully engage with the learning experience.

All those delegates who attend two workshops or more will receive 1 year FPH Associate Membership (Worth £49) FREE:

Benefits of this include:  

1 year subscription to the quarterly FPH newsletter Public Health Today

Monthly e-bulletin with updates on FPH, wider public health news and opportunities to get involved.

A Public Health Resources Pack filled with information on all of the FPH's current work.